February 25, 2017

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS by Sam McCarter

By Sam McCarter

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C) VAT VAT is the British abbreviation for the 'value added tax' used in the European Community. Prices in restaurants, hotels and shops are usually inclusive of VAT (with VAT). 5 EXERCISES Section A Exercise 1 Complete these dialogues. 1 Receptionist: ....... Brigitte: ....... a single room with bath? Receptionist: Certainly. 2 Brigitte: ....... a reservation. Receptionist: What ....... Brigitte: Scherer. Receptionist: How ....... Brigitte: S-C-H-E-R-E-R. 3 Brigitte: What time is dinner? Dinner is at seven in ......

Is more polite than can you ... In England it is very important to say please when you ask for something. We sometimes use can to make an offer. Can I help you? Can I get you a drink? (d) Will We often use will ('II) when we decide something at the moment we're speaking. What would you like to eat? I'll have a steak, please. I think I'll go to dinner. We also use will to: (i) offer to do something. Will you bring us the bill, please? (ii) ask someone to do something. Will you bring us the bill, please?

Over there on the left. 36 (b) Dialogue 2 Brigitte goes to the foreign exchange window. Cashier 2: Can I help you? Brigitte: Er yes, I'd like to change some traveller's cheques, please. Cashier 2: Certainly, madam. How many do you want to change? Brigitte: Three please ... 150 marks. Cashier 2: Fine. Please, sign them at the top. Could I have your passport please? Brigitte: Here you are ... Cashier 2: Right. Here's your money and your passport. Enjoy your stay in England. Brigitte: Just one question.

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