February 25, 2017

Advanced Gold (CAE) by Sally Burgess

By Sally Burgess

*The Teacher's e-book bargains complete instructing notes, history info, solutions and tapescripts *Includes additional photocopiable lecture room actions

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Qimmiq taanna nakuarsu-vuq saamasuu-llu-ni-li. ' (40) Greenlandic (Fortescue 1984:127) a. palasi(-lu) niuirtur-lu priest-and shopkeeper-and '(both) the priest and the shopkeeper' b. palasi(-luunniit) niuirtur-luunniit priest-or shopkeeper-or 'either the priest or the shopkeeper' Because of the fact that -lu is a dependent element that occurs in the same positions as other dependent elements, we would tend to conclude that it is not a word, but a bound marker. Some observations that can be taken to bear on the present problem are found in another vintage text.

On a closer analysis, Mandarin in particular has a very large number of polysyllabic words. Concerning the aspect markers, there is thus no a priori reason to regard them as independent words. The tendency to do so must have more to do with convention than with the grammatical characteristics of these markers. 34 Syntactic Heads and Word Formation The preceding paragraphs were aimed at drawing the demarcation line between bound forms and words. To complete the discussion of wordhood it is also necessary to look at the difference between words and phrases.

Again, we will turn to Bloomfield (1933), who observes that besides the ability to occur in isolation and/or be substituted for other elements that have this ability (in addition to freedom of position, which he does not mention), there is another criterion for wordhood, namely indivisibility, which distinguishes phrases from compounds and phrasal words. More precisely, even if both words and phrases can be built from words, with phrases it is normally the case that they can be broken up by additional words and phrases, whereas words that consist of words cannot be interrupted hi this way.

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