February 25, 2017

Aquarium : the career and defection of a Soviet military spy by Viktor Suvorov

By Viktor Suvorov

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The first group directed all the intelligence work in lower units - division reconnaissance battalions, regimental reconnaissance companies, supplementary reconnaissance companies, and artillery, engineering and chemical reconnaissance. The fifth group dealt with electronic reconnaissance. It had at its disposal two battalions for direct-finding and radio interception, and apart from that it controlled electronic reconnaissance in all divisions forming part of our 13th Army. The second and third groups were terra incognita for me.

And why was a lieutenant-colonel sitting at the commanding officer's desk? Surely he wasn't a more important officer than our commander? But of course, he must be more important, otherwise he would not be sitting at that desk. 'Sit down, senior lieutenant,' the lieutenant-colonel said without waiting for any greeting from me. I sat down, on the very edge of the chair. I knew that there would be some tough talk to follow and that I would have to jump to my feet. So I kept my back dead straight, as though I were on parade.

But I have been selected and ordered to take over the intelligence work for the whole Army. I am now not only taking over my job; I am also forming my team. Some people I have brought along with me from my previous job. I was Chief of Reconnaissance of the 87th division. But I am now responsible for a field of activity many times bigger and I need a lot of intelligent and capable men on whom I can depend. The headquarters of the reconnaissance battalion is the least I can offer you. I shall also try you out in a more important job.

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