February 25, 2017

Business the Bill Gates Way (Bigshots) by Des Dearlove

By Des Dearlove

This can be the 1st in a chain that indicates how the "big pictures" of the company international have attained their positions within which they keep an eye on large empires and command great own fortunes. The publication finds the secrets and techniques, offers, schemes and desires of those, the world's fiercest enterprise opponents.

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Perhaps they feel slighted. Gates, after all, dropped out of Harvard where he was majoring in law. The academics prefer more conventional business leadersthe traditional company men. Where, then, should we turn for an insight into what makes this remarkable man tick? Where better than Microsoft's own encyclopedia Encarta? "Much of Gates' success rests on his ability to translate technical visions into market strategy, and to blend creativity with technical acumen," it says under the entry for Gates, Page 3 Whereas the power of earlier tycoons was usually concentrated in one sector or industry, through the power of software, Microsoft extends its tentacles into every sphere of our lives.

It explains his obsession with bringing new products to market first. Where someone gets the jump on Gates, it also explains the ferocity with which Microsoft markets its own version when it comes out. In some cases, too, Gates will simply buy a software company lock, stock and barrel if he believes it has established a significant technological lead on his own company with an important application. In doing so, he ensures that Microsoft will dominate that market from the outset. At the same time, he is able to acquire the technological know-how by bringing the brains behind it into the Microsoft fold.

More than a decade later, IBM was still manufacturing more PCs than any other company, but its personal systems division was losing money. The only companies making large profits in the highly competitive PC business were the suppliers of the micro chips and operating systems. To this day, Intel remains the dominant player in the former and Microsoft in the latter. Staying Lucky Bill Gates was too bright not to realize that if he played his cards right, his operating system MS-DOS could become the industry standard.

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